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Born Out Of Passion

Empowered Leadership was created out of Doug Meyer-Cuno’s passion to mentor and coach Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Senior Management Teams. Having been an entrepreneur the majority of his business career and selling his company to Mitsubishi, Doug’s second career path focuses on assisting others in what he has learned.

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How to empower your associates yet hold them accountable


How to produce growth in your own company


How to create management teams that learn to function at the highest levels with minimal oversight from the CEO


How to get out of your own way

The Empowered Leadership Philosophy

Invest 1
Invest in your people


We believe it is important to invest in your employees through training, consistent communication, periodic coach/ mentoring sessions, and establishing Key Performance Indicators to track employees’ performance and accountability measurements.

Inspire 2
Inspire your people


The difference between being a manager and a leader is that managers have direct reports and leaders have followers. By inspiring your associates, you’ll have people trust you, believe in you, and overtime follow you. Mentoring will inspire and motivate your teams to seek innovative solutions to solving problems.

Ignite 3
Ignite your people


Once we have invested and inspired your teams, we can create an environment in which you will ignite their individual potential, leading to empowered employees who will maximize their value.

Empowered Leadership’s Core Cultures

Excellent Work is a Process

Provide a Unique Sustainable Experience

Passionate about Creating Value

Listen and Understand Our Client’s Needs

Work and Live in Gratitude

Collaborating is a Team Exercise

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