Empowered Living

Empowered Living

Four Pillars of Empowered Living

Values 1


All of us have a value system; however, how often do we intentionally implement a value system that positively impacts our coworkers, peers, and family? Empowered Living facilitates the opportunity for you to reflect on what values are important to you, how do you want to demonstrate those values to others? How do you want your family to represent the values you and your spouse believe are important? Do you intentionally establish a moral compass or foundation that sets the conditions under which a family or organization manifests it priorities and operate in a moral and ethical manner? At the end of the day, your values are the foundation of who you are. What impact do your values have on those around you?

Experiences 2


Over our lifetime the experiences we encounter become part of our persona. These experiences draw us to make preconceived conclusions, allow us to incorporate previous experiences to enhance our decision-making process, and enable us to leverage future opportunities to create more meaningful experiences. Do we intentionally create experiences that positively influence our coworkers, peers, and family? Empowered Living facilitates the opportunity to reflect on how your experiences shape who you are and how you can impact others around you. Remaining open to, curious and thoughtful about experiences are necessary characteristics of great leaders.

Giving Back to Society 3

Giving Back to Society

It has been documented that the highest form of gratitude occurs when we give back to the well-being of others. This could be a family member, a person less fortunate, or the community at large. Too often we become caught up in our stressful environment that we tend to forget about what is truly important. Empowered Living focuses on the ability to understand how volunteering our time, donating money, and giving to a cause can bring a sense of gratitude, can provide a sense of purpose, and a learning knowledge that there is more to life than serving ourselves.

Financial Stability 4

Financial Stability

Virtually everyone seeks financial stability. How much is enough and how financial stability is defined is left up to each individual. My experiences have taught me that financial wealth isn’t the end game. If I don’t have good health; for example, I probably won’t be able to leverage financial wealth into as many positive experiences as if I was in excellent health. Secondly, without the other three pillars one’s financial wealth isn’t as nearly as powerful as if I intentionally established the other three pillars. Financial independence gives one more options and opportunities which create new experiences, contributions, and the ability to strengthen one’s core values.

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