About Doug

Doug Meyer-Cuno is an entrepreneur, mentor, and devoted husband and father whose true passions lie with helping others to achieve success both in and out of the workplace.

Doug Meyer-Cuno

Personal Life

Doug is married to Dr. Margaret Edwards Meyer-Cuno, and together they have four wonderful adult children. Both are active in their church and community. They enjoy lake living, boating, good food, and watching sunsets with a glass of wine. Committed to a physically fit and healthy lifestyle, Doug stays active by swimming and engaging in physical activities on a weekly basis.

Doug Meyer-Cuno

Doug’s Education:

BA, International Commerce

Furman University

OPM Program 33

Harvard Business School



Doug has served and continues to serve on several board associations, including:

  • SNAC International
  • Former Chairman of York County Economic Development Board
  • Former Chairman of Gaston Day School Board
  • Founding father of Gaston Day School Hall of Fame
  • Chairman of River Hills Community Church
  • Lake Wylie-Clover YMCA board member

Doug’s Business Journey



Founder of Carolina Ingredients in 1990, Doug started the organization as a distribution company. Experiencing a change in the distribution model, Doug noted it was time to create a value driven organization.



By 2000, Mr. Meyer-Cuno reinvented Carolina Ingredients as a seasoning manufacturer. As the company grew, the need for more space became apparent and a decision was made to move from Charlotte, NC to Rock Hill, SC.



By the end of 2010, Carolina Ingredients became the first LEED Sustainable seasoning plant in the country, the first privately owned seasoning plant to be SQF certified and has the largest photovoltaic system in York County (solar energy used to supply alternative fuel for the production plant and hot water for the office).



In 2011, Carolina Ingredients was nominated for the South Carolina Small Business of the Year award. As an entrepreneur, Doug recognized he could no longer grow the company unless he empowered his senior management team and hold them accountable to their Key Performance Indicators.



Doug was awarded South Carolina Ambassador for Economic Development by Governor Nikki Haley.



Mr. Meyer-Cuno sold the business to Mitsubishi, becoming the first privately owned company to be acquired by the global Japanese firm and initiating Mitsubishi’s new strategic platform for their US expansion in the Food Industry.

Doug Meyer-Cuno

Business Highlights

$30 mm


Doubled the company’s size to virtually a $30,000,000 in revenue company.

2x profit


Doubled it’s profits from an EBITDA of 5% to 10%.

4x growth


Increased the number of employees from 20 to over 75

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