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Press Release for The Recipe of Empowered Leadership

The Recipe for Empowered Leadership, is officially available online through Amazon. Below is the official Forbes press release.

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How do we as leaders respond in uncertain and volatile times?

To say we are facing unprecedented circumstances with COVID-19 is simply an understatement. How we respond, our reactions, and how we mentally manage this unique circumstance will be vital to our businesses, coworkers, families, and neighbors.

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Vision and Mission Statement Comparison: Chick-fil-A vs. Boeing

As an entrepreneur or CEO, are you inspiring? Are you intentional about living and being an example of your company’s Vision? Do you invest in your teams, create a purpose?

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As a Leader, is it Passion or Paycheck?

In today’s world, people can sense when leaders are genuine, authentic, and transparent. And they can sniff out if the leader they work for took the job for the paycheck, not their passion.

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Why is it important for the CEO to craft a Vision?

One of my favorite sayings is “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” Many Entrepreneurs and CEOs tend to forget the importance of setting a Vision for their organization.

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I Do Better When Micromanaged, Said No Employee Ever

For entrepreneurs who have grown their startups into established organizations, it’s very common to fall prey to micromanaging their employees.

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How Gratitude will Make You a Better Leader

Living with gratitude isn’t easy. Being a leader who lives with gratitude is even more difficult. Sometimes, we’re angry or upset because of a personal crisis or an employee’s bad decision. And when we’re in that negative place, we can’t be grateful. In order to be at our best as leaders, living in gratitude is essential. Why is that? Coming from a place of appreciation inspires your people to perform well. It’s difficult to empower your teams if you don’t do so in the spirit of gratitude.

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The Importance of Building Core Values

Rarely do we think company culture is so important that we make it our number one priority. In fact, it usually isn’t thought of until something has gone terribly wrong and the company’s reputation has been devalued.

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Insights from Doug: Why I Created Empowered Leadership

While I was in the midst of making the decision to sell my former company, I asked my Renaissance Executive Forum peer group members what I should do if I sold.

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