How to Empower Teams

How To Empower Your Team

Built on Trust

In today’s environment, building trust with your teams is critical to being successful. Individuals want to be trusted by their bosses; therefore, leaders should intentionally build relationships in a manner that a team members feels empowered to do their jobs.

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Empower Teams

Guidelines for Optimizing the Ability to Empower Your Team


Set up one-on-one weekly meetings with your direct reports or team members.


Set up a weekly meeting with your full team.


Create Key Performance Indicators and accountability measures for the individual and the team.


Review KPIs weekly and monthly.


Have a monthly meeting with focuses on the monthly KPI and accountability measures.


Establish a quarterly meeting to review the KPI and accountability measures. Have a strategy session to establish new goals and concerns that need to be overcome.


Celebrate successes through acknowledgement.


Review the pitfalls and areas were lessons can be learned but success didn’t occur.


Create an annual meeting to review each quarter’s results, establish a strategy session to build upon your future, review areas of concerns where new opportunities and challenges are faced by the team.


When possible have an annual offsite meeting.

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