Leadership Training

We offer Leadership Training for entrepreneurs, CEOs and senior managers to help them succeed in their roles and empower their teams.

Leadership Training

Entrepreneurial Leadership Training:

From experience, Doug learned that entrepreneurs could be their own worst enemy. In his case, he had talented people who worked for him; yet, they weren’t empowered to do their jobs. It seemed his way had to be the only way and of course, the best way.

Overtime, Doug realized he was only hurting the company's growth and demoralizing good employees. Entrepreneurial Leadership focuses on mentoring the entrepreneur to get out of his / her own way and empower their teams to maximize their potential. We all recognize our peers have different, unique skills we don’t always possess. Therefore, it makes sense they will create their best results leveraging their skillsets, processes, and personalities to assist in the way they perform their jobs.

Nobody will do it the way you do it, simply because they aren’t you. You aren’t them either, and chances are they can do many aspects of a role or position equally or better than you. They simply need to be empowered.

Entrepreneurial Leadership Training


  • Entrepreneurs can be their own worst enemy
  • You must get out of your own way
  • Empowering your team is the best way to accomplish this

CEO Leadership Training:

Due to the responsibilities of their job, CEOs tend be removed from the reality of what transpires daily. They become insulated from the pulse of the organization and in many cases, this happens without the CEO being cognizant of it. After all, CEOs are tasked to work ON the company versus IN the company. Thus, Empowered Leadership focuses on how to engage with the Senior Management Team to create key performance indicators that measure the stuff that truly matters.

We facilitate communication processes that empower teams, give the autonomy necessary to achieve results, and hold the associates accountable. This enables the CEO to focus on the vision and strategy of the company, all while receiving the necessary KPIs that will inform them how the senior management is performing.

CEO Leadership Training


  • It’s easy for CEOs to lose touch of what happens on a daily level
  • Setting up Key Performance Indicators can mitigate this

Senior Management Training:

Often times, senior managers are very good at managing processes but not necessarily great at leading people. We train senior managers to focus more on providing the right tools necessary for a direct report to succeed, empower the employee to perform their job in a way that works for the associate, yet, meets the expectations of the senior manager.

We establish key performance indicators to measure the results we agreed to during the expectations session.

Senior Management Training


  • Managers are good with processes, but not always people
  • Establish KPIs to strengthen these areas

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